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Utilise social data to understand the audiences that matter most. We empower organisations to intelligently engage individuals at an unprecedented scale.

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Identify any audience or segment effortlessly at a granular level.

Audiense Insights allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is. Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create a report, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles, creating highly personalised audience segments. Armed with insights you can make better marketing decisions, adapt your targeting, improve relevancy and drive high performance campaigns at scale.
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Instantly understand who makes up your target audience.

Audiense Insights applies machine learning to instantly understand who makes up your target audience, by analyzing connections between the people that shape it. Go beyond traditional segmentation based on age, gender and location, now you can discover new segments based on people’s interests and understand your current target market on a deeper level. Compare segments with baselines or other audiences and create benchmarks with different segments, countries or even other competitors.
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Do you want to integrate Audiense Intelligence with your own data or visualizations? No problem, we make it easy.

Simply export your Audiense reports to PDF or Microsoft Powerpoint formats to use the most relevant insights about your audiences in your presentation decks. Or alternatively, export each of the insights to a CSV file so you can easily process, share or integrate them in your organisation.
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Understand any audience, no matter how unique

Insights Reports provide audience segments with these distinctive characteristics:

Demographics such as countries, cities, how they describe themselves, names.
Interests in brands, celebrities or influencers and categories (ie: Music, Tech, etc.)
Content from social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and the websphere.
Create benchmarks with different segments, countries or even other competitors.
Compare segments with baselines and other audiences.
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What people say about us

Whenever we need to do a real in-depth analysis of a client, or their competitor, or a specific group of users, Audiense is our go-to-platform. It delivers the granular data level that our clients look for.
Johary Rafidison
Global Insights Director at Grayling
Audiense excels at allowing users to establish, analyze, and garner insights about specific audiences. It allows users to seamlessly transition these insights into action - a pairing that has proven inmensely valuable to clients.
Benjamin Towne
Strategy & Analysis at DigitasLBi
Audiense has been invaluable for some of our largest and most successful campaigns. It has provided us incredible insight into how our audiences behave. It delivers beautiful, actionable information that helped us improve our campaigns on the fly.
Jared Shurin
Planning Director at Kindred

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